Password Self-Service
New Mail Server Configuration

Configuration of SmartPhones and PDAs for the New Mail Server


Server settings on SmartPhones and PDAs need to be changed from to
For more detailed instructions, find your Phone/PDA type listing below:



  1. Do one of the following:
    1. Start up "Personal Email Set Up" on BlackBerry device. (Some of the newer devices may have this in a sub-folder.)
      If using this option you will need to follow the instructions in parenthesis including clicking on Get Link. 
    2. On Windows desktop go to BlackBerry Internet Services (URL will be different for each carrier!)  (For old Cingular/ATT)   (For ATT)  (For Verizon)  (For Sprint)     (For T-Mobile)
      Log onto "My T-Mobile" (ph#+password) then setup/change BIS (Blackberry Internet E-mail).
  2. Enter BlackBerry User Name and Password. (For most setups should be the same as TCU domain information but will be a different password)
  3. Under Services click on Email Accounts (then Open (Get Link))
  4. You should see a list of your accounts that have been setup
  5. Choose the account (Click on Edit located under or next to the account name then Edit (Get Link))
  6. Scroll down and choose Advanced Settings (Click on Advanced Settings then Advanced Settings (Get Link))
  7. Scroll down page to Email server and change it to
  8. Scroll down page to Save and click on it (Click on Save then Save (Get Link))
  9. Click on OK
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Log Out (then Log Out (Get Link))
  11. If it shows success then you're done! Cancel out of any screens back to the main page. If it doesn’t work after trying several times, continue on...
  12. Go back to the page that has a heading of SERVICES with a link below that says: "Email Accounts" Click on it. Delete the existing account. Then at the bottom of the page there will be a link that says: "Add an Email Account" Click on it.
  13. It will ask you for your email address and password (for your TCU account). BlackBerry will try to auto-discover your account settings. If successful, you will get notice that your account has been set up. You’re done!
  14. If it can’t figure out your settings you will need to enter some or all of the following items:
  15. Email address --   <TCU mail address>
    Password -------- ************* <TCU domain password – change when TCU password is changed>
    Mailbox name --   <same as above>
    Reply to ----------   <…or any other valid email address>
    Your name ------ John Doe            <Optional -- any entry>
    Signature -------- <text to append to end of e-mails sent from this account and device – can only change from desktop web page>
    Auto BCC ------- <if you want an automatic copy sent to some other account fill it in here, this will not show on sent emails.>
    Deleted Items? 
    Yes -- This option will delete emails from the TCU account if deleted from the Blackberry.
    No --  This option will NOT delete emails from the TCU account if deleted from the Blackberry
    Email server ---
    Email account --- j.doe  <this is the user name portion of your TCU email address>
    You can add up to 10 email accounts to your Blackberry -- check with your account server for each to get the entries needed to add their account
  16. You may need to fill-in these optional items:
    Email server type ---------- IMAP4
    Port -------------------------- 993
    Use SSL --------------------- Yes (click on radio button)
  17. You should return to the SERVICES page with a notation that this is a valid account
  18. Exit from the setup (and if on BlackBerry back to the home page).



Instructions for iPhone version 2.1 and 2.2.  If using an earlier version, please update your phone software before continuing.

  1. To edit an Exchange account on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap Settings, then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Choose your TCU account.
  3. On the next screen, select Account Info and enter the new server name: 



Windows Mobile 5 & 6

  1. From the Windows Today screen, click on the Start menu in the upper left corner. Select Programs from the list.

  2. Select ActiveSync from the list of programs.

  3. In the bottom right of the screen, click on Menu, and then select either Add Server or Configure Server (only one option will appear as the 4th selection, see picture).

  4. Your server address box should look like the one on the left. Change it to look like the one on the right.
    Make sure SSL box is still checked:


Palm OS


Unfortunately, TCU’s implementation of Exchange Server 2007 does not support the use of Exchange Active Sync on Palm OS devices. In view of this you must create a new account to connect to TCU mail using IMAP. The drawback of this method is that only emails can be synced wirelessly. Calendars, contacts, and tasks must now be synchronized using your Palm cable connected to your desktop and the Hot Sync software that came with your smartphone.

  1. Open email application (Versamail)
  2. Tap at top of window (should open menu bar)
  3. Tap at the top right Accounts
  4. Tap at the bottom of the menu Account Settings
  5. Tap at the bottom of the new screen New, which will open dialog box
  6. Fill in information –
    Account Name:  TCU Mail2
    Mail Service:  Other
    Protocol:  IMAP
  7. Tap on next 
  8. Fill in information –
    User name: (should have TCU logon name no periods)–change this to tcu\username
    (For a “\” type a space and then push ALT then backslash is top right entry. Afterwards remove any extra spaces.)
    Password:         Enter your TCU password
  9. Tap on next 
  10. Fill in information –
    Email Address:
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server:
  11. Tap on next – Should display “Basic Setup for your mail account is complete…”  
  12. Tap on Advanced 
  13. Fill in information –
    Incoming Server Settings: Check the box “Use secure Connection (SSL)”
  14. Tap on next  
  15. Fill in information –
    Outgoing Server Settings: Check the box “Use secure Connection (SSL)”
    Check the box “Use authentication”
    This should pop up your TCU User name and password. Don’t change either entry.
  16. Tap on Done 
  17. It should take you to Versamail.
  18. Tap at top of window (should open menu bar) 
  19. Tap at the top middle Options 
  20. Tap on the entry Sync Server Folders 
  21. This will pop up a dialog box entitled “IMAP Folder Sync”  Verify that “Inbox” is checked and nothing else is checked (You can try to choose other folders but only subfolders to the Inbox seems to work.)
  22. Tap on OK
  23. It should take you to Versamail.
  24. Tap at top of window (should open menu bar) 
  25. Tap at the top middle Options
  26. Tap on the entry Preferences 
  27. This will pop up a box. Click on the item “Auto Sync” Check the box. This lets you choose the time interval for checking for email and the time and days that it will be active.
  28. Click on Get Mail. Then when finished click on OK
  29. When this new setup is working go back to Account Setup and try to delete the old account.
    If successful fine, if it won’t delete go back into the old account and change the user name, password, and server to anything (random entries).