Password Self-Service
FTP / Remote Access to Network Files for Students

STUFile - Student File Server


TCU provides each student with 5 GB of network storage space on the Student File Server. STUFile, also referred to as U: Drive is backed up nightly to ensure the safety of the data that resides there.



Accessing STUFile in the PC Labs

  • From the lab PC, logon to the TCU domain with your username and password.
  • Double click on the My Computer icon.
  • Double click STUFile that is mapped to the U: drive.


FTP Settings for the Student File Server

  • Host:
  • Input username and password
  • Check the setting for Secure FTP: SSH/SFTP


Accessing STUFile in the Mac Labs


An FTP program must be used to access files from a Macintosh computer.  CuteFTP is a popular application used for FTP and is located on the lab machines.  After launching CuteFTP, the student enters their username and password, then clicks the Connect button. 



The student's network drive will be shown in the left window, while the local Mac drive will be shown on the right side.



When finished, click Disconnect and quit the program.


Accessing STUFile from a Web Browser - STUFTP


When off campus, files located on STUFile can be easily uploaded and downloaded using Internet Explorer or any other application that supports Secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to address:
  • Enter your username and password when prompted
  • You will see a listing of all the files and folders on your personal network space (U: drive)
  • Double-click a folder to move to that folder





Uploading Files

  • Click the Browse button and select the file from your local computer to upload
  • Click the Upload button and the file will be moved to the current folder on the network.

Downloading Files

  • To download a file, double-click to select the file
  • When prompted to Open or Save, choose Save

Using Core FTP


  • Host:
  • Input username and password
  • Check the box for SSH/SFTP
  • Click the Connect button





FTP Settings for Dreamweaver


In Dreamweaver CS4, go the Site Menu and select New Site or Manage Sites.  Select the Advanced tab.

  • Access:  FTP
  • FTP host:
  • Host directory: /wwwpub/
  • input TCU Username and password
  • Use Secure FTP (SFTP)