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StuWireless Setup for Macintosh OS 10.4 Tiger

Wireless access is available throughout campus. A wireless network card that supports WPA2 is required in order to use the StuWireless network.  The following documentation applies to Mac OS X version 10.4 using the built-in AirPort software.

Wireless Setup for Macintosh OS 10.4 Tiger

If you have previously registered your wireless card on the TCU network, then skip to Part 3.


Part 1: Find your Wireless Network Address in Macintosh OS 10.4 Tiger

  • Go to System Preferences and click the Network button
  • Select Show: AirPort
  • Click the AirPort button on the left side of the bar
  • Write down the AirPort ID


Part 2: Register your Wireless Network Address

  • Login to
  • Choose Helpful Links from the menu
  • Choose the link: TCU Network Registration



  • Carefully read the TCU Computing Resources Policy and click Accept to continue.

  • For the Subnet, choose:  Student-Wireless

  • Fill in Computer Operating System Type:  Macintosh OSX (for 10.4 Tiger and lower)

  • Fill in the Network (Ethernet) Address

  • For My Description, write a short description for the computer registered, i.e. "Frog's Ethernet", for easy identification.

  • Click the Save button



Part 3: Wireless Setup for Macintosh OS 10.4 Tiger

  • From the menu bar, click the Airport icon   
  • Choose Open Internet Connect… from the menu


  • From the menu, select Configuration and select AirPort
  • If AirPort Power is off, click the button to Turn AirPort On
  • Click the 802.1x icon (If this is not available, add it: select File from the menu, then select New 802.1X Connection)


  • From the Configuration Drop-down box, select Edit Configurations
  • Make the following selections and entries:
    Description: StuWireless
    Network Port: AirPort
    Wireless Network: StuWireless
    Authentication: PEAP

  • Click OK
  • Click the Connect button to continue


  • Click the Continue button to accept the digital certificate issued by the authentication server
  • Enter your TCU Username and Password


  • Do not add settings to any keychain.
  • Do not select the option for “Always trust certificates”
  • You should see a successful connection status displayed at the bottom of the window.

Configuration of StuWireless is complete!