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StuWireless Setup for Windows XP

Wireless access is available throughout campus. A wireless network card that supports WPA2 is required in order to use the StuWireless network.

Wireless Setup for Windows XP


Before beginning: If you have previously registered your wireless card on the TCU network, then skip to Part 3: Wireless Setup.


Part 1: Find your Wireless Network Address in Windows XP
(Watch the video:  How to find your wireless network address)

  • Select Start and select Run
  • Type command in the box and press OK
  • At the Command Prompt, type ipconfig/all (with no spaces) and press Enter
  • Find the Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection
  • Find the Physical Address
  • Write down the address

    Part 2: Register your Network Address

    • Login to
    • Choose Helpful Links from the menu
    • Choose the link: TCU Network Registration


    • Carefully read the TCU Computing Resources Policy and click Accept to continue



    • For Subnet, choose:  Student-Wireless 
    • Choose the Computer Operating System Type: Windows XP
    • Fill in the Ethernet Address of the network card
    • For My Description, write a short description for the computer registered, i.e. "Frog's Ethernet", for easy identification
    • Click the Save button

    Part 3: Wireless Setup for Windows XP


    Install Windows Updates

    Since Windows XP SP2 does not support WPA2, you will need to download and install two updates for Windows.

    • First, download Patch #1 (Windows update 885453)
    • When prompted to Run or Save, choose Run
    • Follow the prompts to install the patch and restart your computer
    • Next, download Patch #2  (Windows update 917021)
    • When prompted to Run or Save, choose Run 
    • Restart your computer


    Wireless Zero Configuration

    • Click the Start button
    • Select Run
    • Type services.msc

    • The Services window is opened

    • Locate Wireless Zero Configuration in the list of services
    • Double-click Wireless Zero Configuration service to make changes
    • Change the Startup Type to Automatic
    • Click the Start button to start the service
    • Click OK to close the service properties window
    • Close the Services window

      Configure Wireless Network Settings

      • Click the Start button
      • Select Control Panel
      • Find and select Network Connections
      • From the list of network connections, right-click on the wireless network connection and choose Properties
      • Select the Wireless Networks tab
      • Check the box to Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings
      • Click the Add button under Preferred Networks

      • Enter the network name SSID: StuWireless
      • Check the box to Connect even if this network is not broadcasting
      • Select Network Authentication: WPA2
      • Select Data encryption: AES


      • Click the Authentication tab
      • Select EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP)
      • Remove the check to Authenticate as computer when computer information is available
      • Click the Properties button


      • Remove the check to Validate Server certificate
      • Select Authentication Method: Secure password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
      • Check the box for Enable Fast Reconnect
      • Click the Configure button under Select Authentication Method


      • Remove the check to Automatically use my Windows logon name and password...
      • Click OK to close the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window

      • Click OK again to close the Protected EAP Properties window
      • Click the Connection tab in the Wireless Network Properties window
      • Check the box to Connect when this network is in range
      • Click OK
      • Click OK to close the Wireless Network Connection Properties window



      Configure Certificate and Credentials

      • On the system tray in the lower left corner of the screen, you should see a yellow balloon that pops up where the profile StuWireless network connection icon is displayed. Click the balloon to connect.
      • Enter your TCU username and password
      • Enter Login domain: TCU

        Configuration of StuWireless is complete!


        Additional Notes:


        Wireless computers running Windows XP require a patch to clear the registry of expired passwords.

        Click here and select Run to clear the WiFi password.